Jenna Jameson

    Many girls star in porn, but not everyone can become a star like Jenna Jameson. Cute tits and butt is not enough, charisma is still needed. She is a master of her craft, if she sucks cock, then she does it professionally. If she's fucking like a real beast. Even though both parties have dropped their accusations, the police are still investigating the incident.

    There were many objections to the opening of Babes Cabaret, but after Jenna started a petition, she won the rights to keep it running. She was married, for ten short weeks, to adult star and director of Wicked Pictures, Rodney Hopkins, (known as Brad Armstrong.) They divorced in March 2001 after Brad discovered Jenna had an affair with Jorge Araya Montoya, whom she had met on vacation in Costa Rica. Welcome! We are always glad to receive guests.

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